Resources and guidance to help you engage people, market your event and have a great Libraries Week!

Logos and Downloads

Visit this section for Libraries Week logos in English and Welsh, and for downloadable materials such as posters and supporters' boards.


Our PR and marketing toolkits form the core of this section. Check them out for lots of ideas about how to get people to notice your events, come to them - and report them in the local press.

Luna Loves Library Day

On 5 October, Andersen Press are publishing the first ever picture book authored by the poet Joseph Coelho: Luna Loves Library Day – illustrated by Fiona Lumbers.

Download a special A3 poster and a set of graphics based on this beautiful book.

Luna Loves Library Day cover jpg

BBC Weather Watchers

Get online with BBC Weather Watchers and local libraries. Read about the Great Storm of 1987 and access materials to help your users get online and post their weather reports.

Event Ideas

Check back soon for ideas about events your library could offer, including a set of ideas guides based on successful events from previous years.


Check back soon for briefings, presentations and library advocacy documents.