Sing in the Library

Top tips on how to run a choir event in your library

Understand what you want to gain from the event. Meet with the organiser and gauge their experience and knowledge. Be confident that they can deliver your outcomes.

The choice of venue is key for a successful event. The choir leader should check the acoustics.

Decide if the choir will be amplified or not. If they are to be amplified then then the choir organisers must make sure that the sound equipment is ready well in advance and there are spare batteries and cables. They are in charge of backing music etc., our staff are skilled but not sound engineers.

Make sure the event is introduced and closed officially with a welcome and farewell on behalf of the library team. Think about creating a display with relevant books and DVDs.

Advertise and promote the performance clearly and well in advance. It is also worth making sure regulars and those in the library at the time of the event know that it might get a little noisy – and let them know the finish time (and that they are very welcome to join in).

Provide drinks and spoil the choir. Let them know that you appreciate them. Provide additional resources such as photocopies if they require it. Have a safe space for the choir to store their belongings.

The choir organiser should encourage everyone to participate and staff should get onside.

Have plenty of seats for the audience.

Share photos and videos of the performance using #LibrariesWeek (making sure you have permission from those involved)

Encourage joyful music and have fun.

With thanks to Newham Libraries for providing us with these to tips.

NB: The government guidance on entertainment licensing suggests a license is not required for this kind of live musical performance. However, we recommend that libraries seek advice from the licensing team in their council.