Six quick ideas to make NLD15 a success

By Andy Darley,

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If you want to take part in National Libraries Day but don’t have much time or money to spend on it, try one or more of these quick-fire ideas:

National Libraries Day 2014 by Claire, on Flickr

National Libraries Day 2014 by Claire, on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

  • Get out and about – spend a couple of hours leafleting on campus, in the town centre or at the nearest station during rush hour. Chat to parents at the school gates or visit your organisation’s canteen at lunchtime.
  • Join in with others – Is there already an event in your area that you could join in with? Are colleagues in another sector promoting their service who might appreciate a visit from you?
  • Hand out goody bags – Take existing promotional materials such as leaflets, pens or bookmarks and use them to produce promotional packs to hand out on the day. If you can get out of the library to do this, so much the better.
  • Get staff recommendations – Whether it’s favourite books, hot search tips or useful websites, a library display based on staff recommendations is often a winner.
  • Get users to show their love – a feedback board where users can write comments and show their appreciation comes packed with the feelgood factor for all involved. And if there’s constructive criticism mixed in, that’s a great opportunity to improve the service.
  • Promote a service or event – if you have something new to offer users, like an expanded ebook service or a new subscription, or if you have an exciting event coming up soon, make this the focus of your NLD celebrations.

What quick-fire ideas have worked for you? And what would you recommend to others? Let us know your tips for promoting your library on National Libraries Day.

Over the next few days we will be running a series of posts with ideas that have worked in previous years’ National Libraries Day – keep an eye on the blog to see them!